About T-Ball Division

T-Ball is a co-ed division for players ages 4-6 years old. (player's age as of August 31 - end of current season)  T-Ball is an instructional league intent on teaching young players the fundamentals of baseball by hitting the ball off of a tee.

The games are played Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Pre-season practices begin in May.  The season begins the first week of June, and runs through the last week of July.  Games are generally not scheduled around the of holiday of July 4th.

We are always seeking parents to volunteer as a coach for the T-Ball teams!  You can volunteer when registering, or contact T-Ball Commissioner Keith McKae at keith@dearbornbaseball.org.

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T-ball Division Rules


1. Bases are 50 feet apart.

2. T-Ball teams do not keep score! T-Ball is an instructional league to teach four, five, and six year-old players the fundamentals of baseball.

3. Please play at your designated field per the official Dearborn Baseball schedule.

4. Coaches are allowed on the field to offer instructions during the game.

5. Play 10 players in the field if possible. (4 outfielders)

6. A half inning has been played when all players on a team have batted or when 3 outs are made, whichever comes first. Please try and play complete innings so each team has an equal number of times at bat.

7. Every player is to be given the chance to try and play different positions in the field.

8. All players will be given the opportunity to play an equal amount of time.

9. Length of games will be at the coaches discretion.

10. Rainouts may be made up Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at same field. Coaches will determine the make up dates.