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Mustangs is a travel level Fastpitch organization based out of the Dearborn Area. Travel Fastpitch is the next progressive step above local or recreational level softball. Travel level is considered more competitive and generally requires a higher level of a commitment to training and the sport.

The primary purpose of Mustangs Fastpitch is as follows;

  • Provide a fun and rewarding player experience
  • Develop our players skill to higher levels
  • Enhance the players Fastpitch I.Q.
  • Develop character and sportsmanship within a supportive team environment
  • Support continued physical fitness and awareness

Ultimately we strive to improve the standard of girls’ Fastpitch softball for our travel Mustang Travel teams as well as the youth in the surrounding communities.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me should you have questions.

Joe Grantham


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