Dearborn Fastpitch / Mustangs Fastpitch FAQ’s:

Q: What is the difference between Dearborn Fastpitch and Mustangs Fastpitch?

A: Dearborn Fastpitch is our house level, instructional softball league while Mustangs Fastpitch is a travel level softball which is an advanced, more competitive level of play.


Q: What age levels do you offer for Dearborn Fastpitch and Mustangs Fastpitch?

A: Dearborn Fastpitch offers teams ranging from 8U to 14U. Mustangs Fastpitch offers teams ranging from 10U to 18U. Both Dearborn Fastpitch and Mustangs Fastpitch are subject to enrollment and coaching availability.


Q: When is registration open for Dearborn Fastpitch and Mustangs Fastpitch?

A: Dearborn Fastpitch registration is generally open from January 15th to April 1st. Mustangs Fastpitch has tryouts in late July / early August.


Q: Do you send registration packets via mail?

A: No, please use the link established on the Dearborn Baseball/Fastpitch website:


Q: How do I know what age group my daughter should be in?

A: Fastpitch Softball

(Age as of January 1)

8 & Under = Ages 6, 7-8

10 & Under = Ages 9-10

12 & Under = Ages 11-12

14 & Under = Ages 13-14

16 & Under = Ages 15-16

18 & Under = Ages 17-18


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No refunds will be issued after the teams are selected, except in compelling circumstances (example - COVID restrictions).  If a refund is to be issued, no refund checks will be disbursed until after June 1st.


Q: When does the season start for Dearborn Fastpitch?

A: Dearborn Fastpitch usually starts practice in mid April and the games usually start the last week of April or early May. While most teams are finished by the end of June, there are occasions when there are playoffs that may lead into early July. Each team usually plays two games per week, the scheduled days of the week are not available until early May.


Q: How many times does each team practice each week and what times are most games?

A: Most teams practice two times a week until the season starts. Games usually start at 6 or 6:30PM.


Q: How are scheduling changes communicated?

A: will be using TeamSnap to help facilitate communications between coaches and players and their families.  Be sure to download the TeamSnap app and sign in to your Dearborn Baseball team account, as well as opt-in for team push notifications and email alerts.


Q: What do we do if it rains on a day when my child has a game or practice?

A: Please contact your respective coach for and scheduling related issues


Q: Where are Dearborn Fastpitch games played?

A: Girls Fastpitch Softball plays their home games in Dearborn, and away games in neighboring locations. The younger teams (12U & below) will play in the Garden City League this year.  The Garden City League may have teams from Garden City, Wayne, Allen Park and Dearborn Heights.  Older teams may play in a Downriver league.