About Bronco Division

Bronco Division is a competitive league for players ages 11-13 years old. (player's age as of April 30)

The games are played Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m., with some weekend games under the lights starting at 8:15 p.m.

Pre-season practices begin in early May.  The season begins the first week of June, and runs through the last week of July, with playoffs into the first week of August.

Players in Bronco may also be selected to represent their team in an All Star Game in mid-July.

For questions or more information, contact Bronco Commissioner Dave Balash at dave@dearbornbaseball.org.

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Bronco Division Rules

OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES will be followed with the following modifications:


1. UNIFORMS: Players must wear assigned uniforms, and they may not be altered in any way.

2. SHOES: No steel spikes. Rubber or plastic composites are allowed.

3. HELMETS: Players are to wear helmets while batting, on deck, or running the bases. Players are to provide their own helmets.

4. PROTECTIVE CUPS: Must be worn by the catcher. Recommended for all other players.

5. CATCHER'S EQUIPMENT: Skull caps are allowed, although it is recommended that full earflap protectors be used.


1. All players present at game time bat. A player who shows up after game time and before the end of the third inning, will be placed at the end of the batting order. A player who shows up after the third inning of play will be used or not used at the discretion of the Manager.

2. No pinch runners are allowed, except for injury. In that circumstance, the last player to have made an out will pinch run.

3. There is a mandatory two--out courtesy runner for the catcher. The last player having made an out will be the runner.

4. Each player must play at least three (3) innings, or nine (9) outs in the field.

5. Any player, coach or manager ejected will be ejected not only for the game, but for the next game as well. Depending on the offense, further disciplinary action may be taken by the Board of Directors.


1. The distance between bases is 70 feet. The distance from the back of the plate to the pitching rubber is 50 feet.

2. The home team is responsible for setting up the field. The visiting team will be given the first infield (10 minutes), with the home team, the next infield (10 minutes).

3. A game may start or end with eight (8) players. Any time a team cannot field seven (7) players, a forfeit will be called.

4. Game time is forfeit time. There is a two hour time limit on each regular season game. No inning shall start after the time limit. Rain delays, acts of God, etc. will not be considered toward the time limit.

5. If a complete game results in a tie because of the time limit, the result shall stand as final in the league standings.

6. A mercy rule will be enforced with the completion of three (3) innings if either team is ahead by fifteen (15) runs, or if there is a ten (10) run differential after five (5) at bats by the losing team.

7. A regulation game consists of seven (7) innings. A complete game occurs after five (5) full innings or if-the losing team has had five (5) at bats. If not complete when called, the game will be rescheduled and started anew.

8. Free substitution is allowed, however, the pitcher cannot be returned as a pitcher.

9. A batter is automatically out on a dropped third strike and may not advance to first base.

10. General baseball rules will apply to stealing. There is no mandatory slide rule, however, players are encouraged to slide if at all possible. When a defensive player clearly has the ball, waiting for the runner, and the runner deliberately, with force, runs into the defensive player, the
runner is out, the offender ejected, and all runners must return to the last base touched at the time of the offense. This is a judgment call, and the Umpire's decision is final.


1. Pitchers may not pitch more than seven (7) innings on the same day, or a total of eight (8) innings per week (Monday through Sunday).

2. A pitcher must have three (3) calendar days rest if he pitches more than four (4) innings.

3. A pitcher must have one (l) calendar day rest if he pitches four or less innings.

4. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes an inning.