About Coach Pitch Division

Coach Pitch is a baseball division for players ages 6-8 years old.  (player's age as of April 30)

Fastpitch Softball is also available (and recommended) for girls age 8 and under. Click here for more info on Fastpitch.

Coach Pitch is an instructional league intent on teaching young players the fundamentals of baseball with pitching by the team's own coaches.

The games are played Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Pre-season practices begin in May.  The season begins the first week of June, and runs through the last week of July.  Games are generally not scheduled around the of holiday of July 4th.

We are always seeking parents to volunteer as a coach or assistant coach for the teams!  You can volunteer when registering, or contact Coach Pitch Commissioner Mike Katona at mike@dearbornbaseball.org.

Coach Pitch Opening Day 2016 80

Coach Pitch Rules

Dearborn Baseball has designed Coaches Pitch to be an instructional and positive experience for the children. Everyone wins and no one loses. There are no "place standings" and everyone receives a trophy. Each child will bat in every inning and the field position time will be split evenly. There will be no score kept. Our belief is the time for competitive play is at the age of nine and above.

The following are guidelines, not rules to be taken advantage of:

1. The primary objective of the game is to teach good sportsmanship as well as baseball. Manager control of the players at all times is mandatory. Encourage players to attend practice and games.

2. Bases are 60 feet apart.

3. All catchers will wear complete protective equipment, which includes: helmet and mask, chest protector, shin guards and cup.

4. Each player shall stand in the area of what would be a batter's box.

5. A normal batting stance, square with the plate, is the only one permitted. The back foot and front foot are to be kept stationary prior to swinging. The front foot may be moved toward the pitcher while swinging. Let the players hit the ball.

6. Coaches will pitch to their own players. Pitching style will vary from player to player. The distance the coach stands from home plate may also vary. Allow the batter to attempt to hit even if it may occasionally require more than three (3) strikes. Strikeouts, while necessary, should be few and far between.

7. The base runner(s) must remain on the base until the ball is hit. There will be no stealing.

8. Infielders shall keep the base paths clear when there is no play on the runner to avoid unnecessary contact. Any blocking of the runner (defensive interference) will result in the awarding of the base to the runner.

9. If the ball goes out of the field of play on an overthrow to first base, the runner may not advance. If the ball remains in the field of play, runners may advance at their own risk. When a ball is thrown or carried from the outfield to the infield (which is determined by the ball crossing the baseline), and no play is made on the runners, and the ball is controlled by a player in the infield, the play is dead. This shall stop the runners advance if the runner is less than half the distance to the next base. Runners are not allowed to "run the bases" on an inappropriate hit.

10. There is no "Infield Fly Rule."

11. The game shall be five (5) innings or one and one-half (1-1/2) hours in length, whichever occurs first. Every player bats every 1/2 inning in a set order. The 1/2 inning ends when each player has batted once or three (3) outs have been recorded. Batting positions should be rotated each game (e.g., the same child should not always bat last). There will be ten (10) players in the field at one time. Each player gets equal time in the field each game. All defensive positions will be rotated each inning so that every players gets equal time at each position over the course of the season.

12. There must be at least seven (7) players to constitute a team. If less than seven (7) players are present, try to play the game by borrowing players from the other team. When sufficient players are present, a roving player will be used in the outfield.

13. Players must play true baseball positions, i.e., infielders may not be positioned at or near the diagonal foul line, and outfielders must play in the outfield. Pitchers must play in the pitchers area midway between first base and third base, home and second base.

14. Coaches must stay six (6) feet from the baseline and in no way physically assist players in offensive or defense play. Coaches may assist hitters in getting proper stance.

15. There will be no score kept. There will be no standings. This is to be fun, not competitive.

16. No bat throwing will be permitted. One warning will be issused. The second infraction will be an automatic out for the batter.

17. Home team will set up bases. Visiting team will assist if necessary.

18. The coach who is pitching may not field the ball. There will be a player to field balls.

19. Balls and strikes will not be called. Only swinging strikes.



Dearborn Baseball reserves the right to move player(s) up or down a division regardless of the age requirements (due to a player’s safety/ability) This decision will be made by the Division Commissioners and Dearborn Baseball Board Members after the player(s) evaluation(s).  The division coaches will be notified of the player status.

(New Rule Adopted by Dearborn Baseball Board June 1, 2024)