About Colt Division

Colt Division is a highly competitive league for players ages 14-17 years old.

The games are played Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m., with some weekend games under the lights starting at 8:15 p.m.

Pre-season practices begin in early May.  The season begins the first week of June, and runs through the last week of July, with playoffs into the first week of August.

For questions or more information, contact Gary Przywara at gary@dearbornbaseball.org.


Dearborn Baseball Colt Division Rules

All rules are official rules of Major League Baseball plus:


  1. There are no shoe restrictions; CUPS are MANDATORY!


  1. 2 HOUR 15 MINUTE TIME LIMIT FOR GAMES *. This includes any time lost due to a weather delay. For tied games, extra innings will be played, time permitting.  There is no time limit for playoff game.


  1. Forfeits: 8 players at game time, minimum, games can be completed with 7 players or less *. Game time is forfeit time.


  1. Mercy Rule:   20 runs after 1 inning; 18 runs after 2; 15 after 3; 12 after 4; 10 after 5; GAME MUST END *


  1. Courtesy runners: The player who made the last batted out is allowed to run for a pitcher and catcher at any time.


  1. Base runners must slide or avoid contact on close plays.


  1. No defensive changes mid-inning except to remove a pitcher.


  1. All players present at game time bat in continuous order (See #9 below).


  1. All players present at game time must play 2 defensive innings. A coach does not have to play a player who is being disciplined for a legitimate reason.


  1. When a player leaves a game, his spot is vacated in the batting lineup and is an automatic out unless the player is injured. However, a coach has the option to not play the player if he knows that the player will be leaving during the game.


  1. Games are 7 innings (See above exceptions *). However, if a game is rained out when losing team has batted less than 5 times, the game will be replayed from that point forward.  If the losing team has batted at least 5 times, then it's a complete game.


  1. Pitching distance is 60 feet 6 inches.


  1. Bases are 90 feet apart.


  1. Pitching - 25 pitches or less = no rest required. 26 – 50 pitches = 1 calendar days’ rest. 51 – 75 pitches = 2 calendar days’ rest. 76 - 105 pitches = 3 calendar days’ rest. 105 pitches are maximum for 1 day.

     When a pitcher has thrown 105 pitches, he may finish the current batter.

  2. All COLT players, excluding 8th graders, must use a -3 “BBCORE” bat in the COLT Division. If violated, the player will be ejected from the game and is an automatic out thereafter. (See rule 10). 2 ¾ inch bats are not allowed.


  1. If there is a tie for 1st place, those teams will be Co-Champs. Playoff seeding will be determined by head to head record.  If still tied, then run differential in games played against each other.


  1. No new player can be added after the COLT Draft without league approval. All paperwork and fees must be submitted on or before the first game of the season.


  1. Each team can protect up to 7 A coach must obtain permission from a parent in order to protect that player. If a coach has less than 7 protected players at the draft date, the coach will draft 1st until there are 7 protected players. If one brother is protected, all other brothers must be on the same team. All protected players are subject to league approval.


  1. Any Player ejected from a game is also ineligible for the following game.
  2. Brothers: All brothers in Colt must be on the same team unless the parents direct otherwise ( rare but it happens).  The league will determine who are brothers.
    Coaches will be notified prior to the draft of all brother combinations. When a high-rated brother is protected or drafted, the commissioner will then place the other brother in his appropriate draft slot, relative to all of the players in Colt at that time.

  3. Any trade, made at any time, must be approved by ALL of the non- involved coaches AND the colt commissioner.

  4. Catchers, in colt only, must provide their own catching equipment. An equipment bag will be provided upon request.